360 NewsletterWhat Newt’s ThinkingThe Human Costs of Pro-Criminal, Anti-Police ProsecutorsBy Newt GingrichPro-criminal, anti-police prosecutors have been elected or appointed in

Can’t see the images? View As WebpageSeptember 12, 2020News     Podcasts     Inner Circle    Gingrich 360 NewsletterWhat Newt’s ThinkingThe Human Costs of Pro-Criminal, Anti-Police ProsecutorsBy Newt GingrichPro-criminal, anti-police prosecutors have been elected or appointed in nearly a dozen American cities and counties, and now residents are paying the price.Back in November 2019, I wrote a column with Sean Kennedy about the dangers of allowing radical, anti-police activists to infiltrate local district attorney offices. I also warned about this dangerous trend in my June 2020 book Trump and the American Future.Now, as riots, looting, and violent crime spikes continue in Democrat-run cities across America, we are living through the violent consequences.Many of the violent mobs tearing down our cities are doing so in opposition to systemic problems in our criminal justice system. There is a systemic problem, but it is not racism. The problem is rising pro-criminal, anti-police Democratic leadership.Click Here to Continue ReadingJoin Today!Newt’s Latest PodcastsThe Truth about Soros DA’sDoes the rise in crime in some of our major American cities correlate to the election of so-called progressive prosecutors? These “reform” district attorneys have immense potential to reshape the justice system as a whole. Newt’s guest is Jason Johnson, President of Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.Click Here to ListenKamala Harris – In Her Own WordsDemocratic vice-presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, is more left leaning than Joe Biden and more liberal, almost radical, than any of us realize. But her beliefs are clear in her statements. Hear what she has to say in her own words.Click Here to ListenNewt’s Inner Circle FeaturesHitler, Iran, and the Folly of Appeasement By Aaron Kliegman
 While Barack Obama was president, the Iranian regime never feared for a moment that the US would attack Iran. The Obama administration established no deterrence. If Joe Biden is elected president, he will continue the Obama administration’s posture toward Iran.Click Here to Continue ReadingThe Fighting Irish And Their Fight for In-Person Classes By Tim Kennedy
 The discussion about how and when K-12 will be returning for in-person instruction has dominated the policy debate over the past couple of weeks. However, little attention has been given to the other much larger elephant in the room, college campuses.Click Here to Continue ReadingOur Latest Poll:How do you view the current COVID-19 situation? | September UpdateClick Here to AnswerLet Newt Know What You Are ThinkingAsk Newt Your QuestionWhat Newt’s ReadingIn the NewsNew Jobs, Unemployment Numbers Point to ‘V’-Shaped Recovery — Only a Biden Lockdown Could End It;Joe Biden Touts Wall Street Support for His Plan to Abolish American Suburbs;Legal Group Finds Thousands of Double Voters in Battleground States;Growing Number of District Attorneys Are Out to Undermine the Law;A Carolina Victory for School Choice.Click Here to Read MoreFive Stories to Watch:House Democrats to Hold Hearing on Confronting ‘White Supremacy’ in Police Departments;Discussions on Coronavirus Stimulus Plan Continue as Congress Remains Gridlocked;WHO Appoints Independent Panel to Review Response to Coronavirus;Israel, UAE to Sign Historic Diplomatic Deal;ByteDance Likely to Miss US Deadline for Sale of TikTok’s American Assets.Click Here to Read MoreCharity of the MonthWounded Warrior Project
The Gingrich Foundation is proud to recognize the Wounded Warrior Project as its charity of the month for September in recognition of the military veterans transitioning back into society after service.
The Wounded Warrior Project has been successful in offering 42,000 hours of intensive outpatient care and therapy sessions, helping veterans lose 100,000 pounds as a group, with 60 percent of participants experiencing improved functioning.Click Here to Read MoreVisit the Gingrich 360 StoreBooks     DVDs     Autographed Items     Ellis the ElephantNewt’s Latest Book on President Trump and the American FutureOrder Now: Trump and the American Future: Solving the Great Problems of Our TimeEverything is changing.From the spread of the coronavirus, to the highs and lows of the economy, and on to the election, 2020 will continue this process of change.We don’t know yet which way the American people will go, but we can describe what is at stake as the radical democratic left continues to go all out to destroy President Trump and his followers. This wild period of change has been intensified by the virulent spread of COVID-19, but its roots go back to the summer of 2015.This book puts this kaleidoscope of change into context and outlines the choices Americans face in what may be the most decisive election of our lifetimes. No presidential contest since 1860 has presented the American people with a decision more definitive than the 2020 election offers. It is the radical democratic left vs President Trump.To understand what is at stake, and what must be done, read this book and share it with your friends and neighbors.

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