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I do western entertainment part-time. I have been seen in man newspapers eg. Washington times two pages, The Baltimore sun two Pg. I do rope trips guns and whip trick been on fox tv Baltimore, new york city and other newspaper and tv shows. Here are 16 fun facts about me:

  • At ten years old earned first money. A small store in father grudge Washington D.C.
  • At eleven made money on uncle farm in Freudenberg VA.raise two claves
  • At fourteen took first paying job keystone reader service selling subscription
  • At sixteen went to work at Woodward &Lothrop
  • Took part-time jobs to make extra money seven-eleven selling hope merchandise eg.pot and pan that how I met my wife of fifty years
  • At sixteen with my father help I built my first scooper diving tank made it out of a used fire extender
  • At seventeen got dr license bought motor scooter took it everywhere in the summer tied scooper diving on and went to the bay in winter put seeping bag on it and went to the mountain to go skiing
  • At eighteen bought eight-horse Harley motorcycle had to mix oil in the gas took it to Tampa fl then to Knoxville TN. Took thirty mi of flying lesson then home app two thousand mi all on one hundred and fifty dollars also bought first guitar harmy then on to martin and Gretch
  • At twenty-three became a bus driver for blue lines bus co in Washington D.C. two years later got guide badge and drove and lecture
  • At twenty-seven taught skiing at seven spring pa then two-yr at charnator pa also became president of yr.s local
  • Built a vending machine co. went broke during the president carter adm
  • At thirty started to learn to read with my wife help it is hard to believe that I got a hi school diploma but the store I was working at wanted to put me in management I was a de student studying retailing so I ended up with two dipt without being able to read well still can't spell well
  • At forty-five built the first plane it was a fisher 202 two years later bought Cessna 150 learned to read and got my license
  • AT fifity fell in love with computer starting to write wrote and pub one edition of a mag The rest of the west by branded publicans (That me) then wrote one novel From nowhere sold them from my car and tent first trip it I drove then bough thousand mi lived on my sale at th dident cost much to by hot dogs
  • At fifty-five built my first computer at sixty bought old used RV a year later horse and horse trailer we go from tout side of washing to Arizona and many states in-between
  • At fourteen took first paying job keystone reader service selling subscription

More About Ron

Cow Boy Ron started his blog in 2012. He’s a former tour bus driver, odd thinker, and political analyst. Always wanting to share his opinion, he was thrilled when he discovered blogging. Now he finally had an outlet to share his views with the world! Beyond that, he genuinely cares about honestly reporting the news. Noticing that the mainstream media has a habit of skewing the truth, he decided to report the news on his own. That was a whopping 8 years ago, and we’re still going strong! In fact, we’ve garnered a loyal and ever-growing following over the years. Readers love Cow Boy’s sharp wit and honest truthtelling. He’s also quite prolific and updates his website many times during the day.

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