Barr Scrutinized Over Firing of U.S. Attorney

Barr Scrutinized Over Firing of U.S. Attorney

Some of Attorney General William Barr’s allies worry that he is inviting excessive scrutiny that will undermine his agenda and do nothing to help the Justice Department’s already bruised morale.781

More Stocks Drive Rally, Decreasing Reliance on Big Tech

High-flying technology companies have helped the U.S. stock market claw back most of its losses for the year. Now, other stocks are helping to carry the load.20

Vaccine Efforts Focus on Vulnerable Group: Older Adults

Health experts are worried about whether coronavirus vaccines under development will adequately protect the elderly, sparking efforts to make sure there are shots that can help this vulnerable group.139

Cash Remains King as Companies Close a Dismal Second Quarter

Cash remains king for large publicly traded U.S. companies adjusting to an economy and operations sharply changed by the pandemic.

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