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Biden team want to band fracking

Kamala Harris Wants to Ban Fracking well that the way the story broke,but Biden Owen it and already he is walking it back. “No new leases under my administration” Cowbyron news is not going to play this for better or worth she is now on thou team and like other member say sometime you said it pal. I listen with one ear.

as one of the pungent said she is a attack dog that will rattle trump. he will attack her back and leave you alone. President trump finger this out before you even thought it up.

so the cat out of the bag, get elected and un do all the great thing that the trumpteam did in the ast three and one half yr.

I was around in theCarter yr. long gas line duble diget inflactio. you would work nine to ten hr a day drive an hr to get home wate in thegas lind for foty tofifty min to fill up so youcould do it all over the nest day.

doublet dig inflation meant that for ever hundred dollars you earn by the time you got it to the bank it was worth only 99 cent on the dollar.

now you new squawk box can yell and scream all she wants, Sir you ar the onethat the american voter will hold accatiable

and that the way i see it cowboy ron

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