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Biden team will give congress one hundred days

Will Sen. Kamala Harris play the heavy for Joe Biden? | Bill Cotterell

  Kamala Harris said when running for President she would give congress just one hundred days to do away with a weapon of war guns. It would be nice if she could make the organ poster give up there or maby should take them away while they are eating, after all, it is just a love fest, protest. Like you i am struck by this one hundred timeline

Did she know she was running for president, not queen for a day, The voter knew it that why she only had a two percent approval rating

When she speaks she is now speaking for Biden and if he does not take the time to disvow all of her statement past present and future,then of course he own them.

It is true he now has a pit bull to reperence him,but pit bull don’t know when to let go.

And that the way i see it cowboy ron

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