Does The Vice President Make a difference?

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Does The Vice President Make a difference?

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Does the V.P. make a difference?

Vice President, Joe Biden’s, long drag out big moment, name the vice president. should be said, vice president for a day. It Is not unusual, for a candidate to announce their choice at the convention, But Joe Biden and made such a big deal out of it, get all kinds of comments political analysts.

One analyst mentioned that people do not vote for the president, based on his choice for the vice president. That is true, in years gone by, but vice president Joe Biden, is perceived by people, on both sides of the aisle, as being in frail health, And not, his old self, some of even speculated, that he has 1 foot in the grave, we hope and pray that that’s not true. They’re trying to keep them in the basement, because when he speaks, he’s his own worst enemy.

So, the combine these two factors, the public is much more into what’s going on nowadays, because the Internet, they will this time pay greater attention, to his pick, of the next, vice president. To paraphrase Pres. Thomas Jefferson, the main responsibility is for the vice president to be there in case the president dies.

when You, compared Joe Biden, with his radical, earn while you learn team, the voters will, drawn great, contrast between, Vice, President Biden and President Trump. Pres. Trump has established a well oil, team and organization and has one of the most competent vice presidents in our lifetime. Vice president Pence, can take over at a moment’s notice, for, he was a great governor of, Indiana, served in the Congress, and a great military background.

I think a challenging candidate seeking the highest office in the land, with the only accomplishments under their belt, impeach, impeach, impeached, hate, hate and more hate, will probably be ,soundly rejected, by the American voters, in the 2020 contest, and that includes the dead democrats, who will also, vote.

The Democrats are trying to squeeze votes out, that ain’t there.

And that’s way I see it cowboy Ron

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