Dow rises for a fourth day, gains more than 100 points after J&J vaccine deal and Disney earnings

Dow rises for a fourth day, gains more than 100 points after J&J vaccine deal and Disney earnings
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Private payrolls grow by 167,000 in July, well below expectations


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8:16 AM (1 hour ago)

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Private payrolls grow by 167,000 in July, well below expectations

This is a developing news story. Please check back for updates:

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Novavax up 17% on early-stage COVID-19 vaccine data
Aug. 5, 2020 6:52 AM ET|About: Novavax, Inc. (NVAX)|By: Douglas W. House, SA News Editor 
In a significant turnaround, Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) is up 17% 
premarket on light volume on the heels of positive Phase 1 data on COVID-19 vaccine candidate NVX-CoV2373.
Neutralizing antibody titers were induced in all participants and the safety profile was favorable.
Shares were volatile after the close yesterday when STAT News initially reported that eight subjects were hospitalized. Shares sold off ~30% then reversed when STAT corrected its story stating that the company informed it that there were no hospitalizations.
Selected COVID-19 vaccine players: AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN) (+2%
); GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) (+1%
); Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) (+1%
); BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX) (+1%
); Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) (+2%
), Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:INO) (+2%
); iBio (NYSEMKT:IBIO) (+2%)
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Dont Tread on Me
Comments1058 | + Follow
The market is the master and the only determinant that matters when parsing data and liquifying share price.
05 Aug 2020, 09:43 AMReply0Like

Comments195 | + Follow
I just don’t see how it translates into $. The government has funded the research – what do you think Congress does to limit drug price? Other countries won’t pay up. Chinese will steal the recipe. What is the actual cost to get the drug out, what will they be allowed to charge, and what is left for investors at the end of the day. And BTW why is insider ownership so low?
05 Aug 2020, 09:36 AMReply0Like

Comments195 | + Follow
Anybody seen the Ladenburg Thalmen report just out which downgrades NVAX to sell?
05 Aug 2020, 09:30 AMReply0Like

Comments20 | + Follow
The article on Medrxiv cannot be found. Every news outlet references an article on that pre-print server but if you look for Gregory Glenn, Gregory M. Glenn, or Novavax as authors, there is no new study. There is a post from May 2020 relating to another vaccine.This seems to be a fake announcement and should be treated with caution. It is unclear why nobody around has posted a link to the supposedly submitted article. Billion-dollar valuation, weak presentation of data, announcing new data, and showing old data from baboons and mice the other day, only to make the stock swing wildly to their favor. Odd but well-working attempt in mass psychology !!!
05 Aug 2020, 09:22 AMReply0Like

Comments711 | + Follow
Yeah makes total sense. Value $NVAX and a couple of other companies at billions, some like $BNTX even double digit billions based on a potential drug for COVID-19. This won’t end well. My only hope is that the big bang will benefit the rest of the market
05 Aug 2020, 09:14 AMReply0Like

Comments124 | + Follow
All of these COVID-19 stocks are going to crater when an actual vaccine does get approval. I realize that Novavax has other drugs in its pipeline, but this valuation is beyond ridiculous.
05 Aug 2020, 08:48 AMReply5Like

Buzz Stockyear
Comments84 | + Follow
I don’t understand how this stock goes up wildly. The company does have a bad history, but their promising drugs could change its perception and maybe be bought out by a big company like Merck.
05 Aug 2020, 08:48 AMReply0Like

Comments472 | + Follow
All r bubbles
05 Aug 2020, 08:37 AMReply1Like

Comments221 | + Follow
SA, What happened to the interactive symbols showing price and description?
05 Aug 2020, 08:16 AMReply0Like

Comments1837 | + Follow
NVAX was high like this one time before a long time ago and dropped like a ROCK and killed a lot of small time investors. Check pass scale.
05 Aug 2020, 07:26 AMReply2Like

Comments363 | + Follow
no. simply ridiculous.
05 Aug 2020, 07:10 AMReply2Like

Bogie 1
Comments330 | + Follow
so more fake news caused people to lose money by dumping shares only to see massive rebound. well here come the lawsuits, this is a good reason not to trade in the after hours, at least the vaccine news was positive from a company I still don’t trust
05 Aug 2020, 06:59 AMReply2Like

Comments2 | + Follow
@Bogie 1 why you don’t trust NVAX? I don’t have this stock though..just curious. Thanks
05 Aug 2020, 07:18 AMReply0Like

Comments227 | + Follow
In so many years they never were able to bring one product to the market.Now with all the rushing and corners being cut, this might be their one and only chance.
05 Aug 2020, 07:24 AMReply2Like

Comments36 | + Follow
Why people keep forgetting nanoflu? P3 positive way better than competitors on market product. Approval is just a matter of time.
05 Aug 2020, 07:58 AMReply1Like

Comments74 | + Follow
Does Jim Willbanks still post here? Would like to hear his thoughts.
05 Aug 2020, 06:57 AMReply1Like

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