Education of a wondering man Louis L’amour

10 Lessons Writers Can Learn From Louis L'Amour | by Ryan Mizzen | The  Writing Cooperative

I love the west and its great history, when I decided i wanted to learn to write i read seventy ou Louie books, He was as strong a man as any of his characters. The book about him was also great.

He had been a boxer and won most of his fight worked on ships and travel around the world a short store writer.

But what impress me the most was his apprication for reading, he had a speciall built book that rotated so it would hold more books’

He mentions how to read more, he always kept a book with him and when waiting for a lawyer or dentist to see him he would read and at the end of a week it would amount to three books but he read at home also If he told you water at a certain well was cool and sweet it was

My finial though are we should instill in our children to keep a book with them.

And that the way i see it cowboy ron how do you see it?

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