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as I mention earlier, I learn to read late in life, thanks to my wonderful wife. I like history books for two reasons. One it give me a chance to share an adventure with a real person. Louis Lamour once said an adventure is a glamorous way of getting out of trouble. History is a great way to help man to get to were he is going, “To go, anywhere you need to know where you have been”Cowboy Ron

Back to this wonderful book, it tells how the Indian s taught their children to be quiet when there is danger, lots of trouble eg Geronimo rode in Teddy Roosevelt induration praide along with Quanta Parked at the time of his death in Ft sill Ok. he was worth ten thousand five hundred dollars, he earned money by making boe and selling for five dollars if he put his name on it the price was $5.50 A very great book you can’t go wrong

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