Harris Faulkner Gets a Bigger Spotlight at Fox News Channel

Harris Faulkner Gets a Bigger Spotlight at Fox News Channel

By Brian Steinberg50

Harris Faulkner Gets a Bigger Spotlight
Courtesy of Fox News Channel

Meghan McCain says one of the biggest lessons in her TV career came when she was working alongside Harris Faulkner in the run up to the 2016 election at Fox News Channel.

A viewer had slipped into her direct messages on Twitter with an unpleasant remark, and McCain, who says she is prone to react to such things, learned a different strategy from Faulkner, with whom she appeared regularly on the  Fox News early-afternoon program “Outnumbered.”  The advice? “You’ve got to give people like that honey,” she recalls. If you’re going to respond, give that person something other than what they served you.

“I’m very impulsive,” acknowledges McCain, who speaks out regularly on the current panel at ABC’s “The View.” Faulkner, however, “is very cool under pressure,” she says. “She’s still water.”

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Harris Faulkner will have reason to maintain her unflappable demeanor. On Sunday at 10 p.m., she will host a special primetime event that – for the first time in her career at Fox News –  leads with her name.  “Harris Faulkner Presents: The Fight for America” is supposed to offer a look at civil unrest and race relations in the U.S., and marks the latest in a series of special-format programs she has anchored this year (Sean Hannity will take part in the proceedings). More are on the way, notes Faulkner, who expects to continue to lead town-hall discussions as well as news  specials with her name in the title.

“We are going to take some important voices to the conversation, and we are going to talk real and raw,” she says of Sunday’s broadcast during a recent interview conducted from her home over Zoom. Faulkner, one of the few Black women anchoring weekday slots on the mainstream U.S. cable-news outlets, is in a bi-racial marriage, and says she and her husband have tough discussions about such topics every day. “We are raw with each other,” she says. “I think that’s where we all need to be as Americans. We can take it.”

As Faulkner leads these programs, she is quickly becoming more integral to the business of the Fox Corporation-owned network for which she works. Faulkner already anchors two hours each weekday on Fox News. But executives in recent months have begun to add “America Together” specials and other programming aimed at kitchen-table topics like distance learning or mental health, and create elements different from the opinion programming that represents the network’s most-watched fare. Several advertisers have steered their commercials away from programs hosted by Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham after polarizing remarks they have made (the recent resignation of a Carlson staf

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