Hell no I do not think that Joe Biden is a racist by Cowboy Ron

Cartoons: Joe Biden apologizes for comments about black voters

The V.P is not a Racist, but he will go down in the gap Hall Of Fame. He just does not reflect on his statement and it never comes out the way he intended. What is much more concerning to me, and people of color and people of good conscience. He and the Lib demicrate take the black vote for granted.

You could do that in the sixty, seventy, and eighty, but no longer, You asked why. Keep reading and you will find out. black and people off-color are educated, now, well informed. Like all human, they asked this “What have you done for me lately, not much’

In fact GOP starting witch President Lincoln have fought the good fight and the Dem finally came along.

If you would let me look at it from a back point of view. (YOU ONLY GAVE ME WHAT GOD HAD INTENDED ME, MY FAMILY TO HAVE!!) If a black thinks for him or herself they are uncle toms or a traitor.

Thinking for oneself and voting your concious is not wrong It is being a good American

Joe you and the squad,nancy,chuck are thought. Don’t let the door hit youon theway out.

and that the way I see it Cowboy Ron

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