I’m ready to call our sister in the movement for justice Madam Vice President Kamala Harris

I’m ready to call our sister in the movement for justice Madam Vice President Kamala Harris

Opinion by Ben Crump

Updated 6:46 PM ET, Sat August 1, 2020

What Joe Biden says he's looking for in his VP pick

What Joe Biden says he’s looking for in his VP pick 01:18

Ben Crump is a civil rights attorney and founder of the national law firm Ben Crump Law, based in Tallahassee, Florida. The views expressed in this commentary belong to the author. Read more opinion on CNN.

(CNN)For those of us dedicated to the fight against systemic injustice and racism, this has been a year of violent collisions between heartbreak and hopefulness — between exhaustion and existential awakenings. Yes, there is a powerful wind at our backs as we lift up families rendered broken and voiceless, and work to hold the people and systems that inflict immeasurable trauma upon people of color to account.Ben CrumpBen CrumpBut anyone doing civil rights work for as long as I have can tell you: Swells of progress and public interest are almost always followed by invisible hands of resistance and silence, along with powerful reversions to the status quo. We can’t afford to let this happen now.This means keeping up the pressure that has given us this opening. It also means selecting leaders with the skill and strength we need to translate our urgent demands into real, sustainable change. This is a time for steely-eyed public servants who play no games and demand results. It’s time for Sen. Kamala Harris to join Joe Biden’s ticket and, God willing, help him actualize the next phase of this movement from the White House.The case for me is simple: She’s been a change agent at every level of government — local, state, and federal — for 30 years. She has been a trailblazer for reform-minded prosecutors nationwide. She is the only Black woman in the US Senate, and just the second in our history. And having watched her skewer witnessafter witness testifying at Senate hearings, I know exactly who I want to see go toe-to-toe with Mike Pence.The truth is, Harris has been unraveling broken systems and confronting injustice since long before most people knew her name. And as someone who spends nearly every waking hour fighting these very systems — believe me when I say we need more fierce allies in positions to drive change from the inside.

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