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Joe Biden, Twitter Convention

Joe Biden, Twitter Convention

5 funny cartoons about Joe Biden's surprising primary surge

I know, it is D.N.C Nation convention, to name their choice for President and number two ,spot VP choice.

Because of the chop sewed, flue they call off a normal convention and change it to a siber convention.

I don’t fault them for this. But at the very least they could do, is do it, live, and not from their garage with five or six Tec, twitted the speech over and over

Now the president has the good manor, to speak to us live, and by most part not rehearsed

Let’s Pretend, that we are a fly, on the wall watching, the speech be a fine-tune.

 The producer takes one, who we are.

Speaker. My feller American, our Party, is the party of the poor.

 Cut. Take two, who we are, with passion. My feller   American.

Cut, Take three, slower, and add some fake tear under the right eye. That will get their attention

I think next week I believe the RCN will do more live and give us a better inside of what their candies is all about

And that the way I see it cowboy ron

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