Lassie and the P.C. Police

The Lassie effect: Movies drive our preference for certain dog breeds |  Science | AAAS

We all remember Lassie, Jeff at first then Tim. A great family show, Every Boy and girl wanted a Colley. After that wonderful; saves the boys lives many times over(In actually there were three dogs each one has a repuraty of tricks. Lassy could jump, climb any fence wall, swim any raging river to save the ones he loved or anyone in the need of his help

Now if we’re to bring the program back, in 2020 The Pc police would be all over poor lassy, demanding that the sponsor canceled the show, Why, pray tell you asked. well, it was a family show the hi-lighted strong family value, you know od fogy stuff like going to work on time, church on Sunday, standing for the flag, take responsibility for your action and so on and so on.

So what would be there beef, beside it does not fit there narrative. Well that the real reason that they would keep to themself. Now their battle cry would go like this. Lassy makes little Mexican Chihuahua fell bad, and it make Mexican citizen feel hurt, so classy can not be on tv for the racist pig to watch. That the way I see it cowboy ron

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