“Laws cannot make people Have a clean and pure heart.” cowboy Ron

“Laws cannot make people Have a clean and pure heart.” cowboy Ron

Like, school busing, political, correctness is making life miserable, in America

let’s take a few minutes and examine why this is dividing the country. First let me state clearly, that insulting people is very wrong, even by accident, you can make people feel bad. My messages are for the, young people, if you’re treated to an insult, take a page from, your parents’, grandparents, book of wisdom”“,  If insult was not intended, insult should not be taken” ! now that’s a great piece of advice.

The problem right now, people are using, political correctness, to get what they want, there are amplifying their hurt, to advance, a political agenda. That is also wrong, and divided our country,

In America, people have the right to be a horses, butt, they, also, have a constitutional right to hate people no matter what race religion or sex, that’s sad, but is called freedom of speech. Where it becomes illegal, if they tried to deny someone their basic constitutional rights, e.g. trying to deny someone a right to be served, at food counter, marest store, not allowing them have a quality education not given them a promotion that they deserve.

I feel the better way to solve this problem, not by boycott, getting people  fired, but by having serious dialogue, people speaking of the way they feel then it gives us an opportunity to show them where and why they’re wrong.

But again, people with political ambitions are using us as a tool to get, what they want and not to make America better and more perfect union.                                     That the way I see it co

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