NASA delays Mars rover launch until at least July 30th

NASA delays Mars rover launch until at least July 30th

NASA and ULA have postponed the Mars Perseverance rover’s launch until July 30th due to launch vehicle delays.Engadget2 days agobookmark_bordersharemore_vert

NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance: Everything you need to know

NASA is returning to the surface of Mars with a fancy new rover and a daring helicopter.CNET7 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vertView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Catchy Sparrow Song Goes ‘Viral’ Across Canada in Continent-Wide Phenomenon

White-throated sparrows in British Columbia are whistling a new tune and it’s going viral across Canada. What started as a minor change to a common song has …ScienceAlert4 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vert

A ‘Viral’ New Bird Song in Canada Is Causing Sparrows to Change Their Tune

A new bird song is spreading like wildfire among Canadian white-throated sparrows, at a scale not seen before by scientists.Gizmodo3 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vertView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

Moon’s crust richer in metals like iron and titanium than Earth’s

The leading theory claims that the Moon formed out of the wreckage created when a Mars-sized planet called Theia collided with the young Earth 4.5 billion …Daily Mail3 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vert

A Hunt for Ice on the Moon Ends in Surprise: What the Moon’s Really Made of

Radar Points to Moon Being More Metallic Than Previously Thought. What started out as a hunt for ice lurking in polar lunar craters turned into an unexpected …SciTechDaily10 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vertView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

NASA, Northrop Grumman plan for 12 additional SLS Solid Rocket Boosters

NASA has initialized plans via a letter contract with Northrop Grumman for 12 additional Solid Rocket Boosters, or SRBs, for the agency’s Space Launch System …NASASpaceflight.comYesterdaybookmark_bordersharemore_vert

Rocket Science in 60 Seconds: What Is NASA’s Rocket Train?

video_youtubeNASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center7 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vertView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

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