New Delhi [India], September 29 (ANI/NewsVoir): Universal Robots, the global leader in collaborative robots (cobots), today announces Asia-Pacific’s first and largest collaborative robots virtual expo “WeAreCOBOTS APAC”,

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30 Sep 2020, 00:37 GMT+10

New Delhi [India], September 29 (ANI/NewsVoir): Universal Robots, the global leader in collaborative robots (cobots), today announces Asia-Pacific’s first and largest collaborative robots virtual expo “WeAreCOBOTS APAC”, to be held from 6th to 8th October 2020, 7:30 AM to 4 PM daily.

The virtual expo “WeAreCOBOTS APAC” presents an opportunity for manufacturers and factory owners across India to meet with automation industry leaders and cobot experts from different countries online.

Over three days, participants can attend cobot demonstrations by exhibitors, listen to enriching keynotes from industry experts on overcoming manufacturing challenges in Asia-Pacific, and find actionable answers on cobot applications in the live Question-and-Answer (QA) sessions. Registration is free for anyone who is interested at

Learn from the Best from the Comfort of AnywhereBusiness owners, leaders, and practitioners who are interested in using cobots for their operations, can conveniently learn more about cobots by attending numerous keynotes online with live QAs, and participating in ongoing discussions during, and after the event.

Luminaries from Asia-Pacific speaking in this event include Dr Yeong Che Fai, director of DF AutomationRobotics, associate professor in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, robotics visionary and inventor, and a winner of more than 50 national and international awards and Mr. Amar Burud, Senior Manager in Industrial Engineering of Continental Corporation in India.

Topics presented by various experts include: Future-Proofing Assembly Processes With Human Robot Collaboration Joining the Fast Lane: Using Cobots to Achieve Automotive Manufacturing Excellence Continental’s Journey Enabling Zero Downtime Optimising your collaborative robot deploymentFor more details of the agenda, please visit

The expo programme also features presentations and ‘live’ demonstrations on cobot maintenance and programming, and many new ways cobots are quickly being deployed to address the COVID-19 crisis, including area disinfection and the manufacturing of test kits. Participants can learn how cobots address challenges in productivity, quality, machine usage, and safe distancing from small businesses to large production facilities. The virtual expo also allows participants to download digital brochures.

During this event, participants will also learn about the largest and most comprehensive cobot ecosystem with over 250 components and application kits from more than 400 approved commercial developer companies in the Universal Robots Plus (UR) programme. Universal Robots, along with UR partners including Alstrut, CKD, OnRobot, Piab, Robotiq, SCHUNK, SICK, SMC Corporation, Zimmer Group, will be showcasing cobot applications such as assembly, finishing, materials handling, machine tending, quality inspection and more.

Smart Manufacturing Answers for SmallMedium Businesses (SMB) in Asia-PacificThis virtual expo is especially geared for SMBs, providing actionable insights with minimum expenditure in light of COVID-19. There is no need for travel, accommodation and other ancillary costs, and SMB owners and leaders can harness all the insights and answers from the comfort of anywhere.

Cobots can be easily and safely added into existing factory layouts and production workflows, with very short testing and set up time, to reduce human interaction especially in resource and employee-strapped SMBs. Already, Asia-Pacific SMBs and larger enterprises alike have turned to cobots to handle repetitive, dull, dangerous, dirty and difficult tasks successfully.

Shruti Engineers, a 10 person manufacturing company in India, achieved 75 per cent production increases after installing a cobot. TCI, a 100-person plastic injection molding company in New Zealand, was able to achieve cost savings and achieved return of investment six months after introducing a cobot in the production process.

Successful Asia-Pacific cobot adopters include: Beijing Bai Lear Automotive System in China, Benchmark Electronics in Thailand, BTC Mold in Taiwan, Clearpack Group in Singapore, GKN Driveline in Japan, Hyundae Induction Hardening Heat Treatment in Korea, New Engineering Works in India, Nippon Zettoc in Japan, PT JVC Electronics in Indonesia, Tsung Shih in Taiwan, VMIC in Vietnam and many more.

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