NewsletterWhat Newt’s ThinkingIt’s Time for Us to Get MadBy Newt GingrichIt’s time for us to get mad

Can’t see the images? View As WebpageNov. 7, 2020News     Podcasts     Inner Circle    Gingrich 360 NewsletterWhat Newt’s ThinkingIt’s Time for Us to Get MadBy Newt GingrichIt’s time for us to get mad.This is what I came to after spending the last several days puzzling over what we are seeing in the 2020 election. When Callista and I left the White House at 3 a.m. after election night, I was confused by the various things that were going on, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to emotionally or intellectually deal with it.After a few days of digesting, it has become clear to me that there has been breathtaking systemic corruption during this election.You go through the corruption of the elite news media, which for five years has been waging war on President Donald Trump and did everything it could to convince us that there was a giant blue wave coming. Then, the wave didn’t show up because they’d all been lying to themselves and to us. So that was a framework in which I started looking at all this. I talked about it on a short podcast episode I released Thursday.So, I believe we’re at a key decision point in American history. And, make no mistake: This is about America – not the president or any elected leaders.If we are going to continue to be America, every legal vote must be counted and certified, illegal votes must be tossed out, and the American people must be allowed to make their choice for President of the United States.Click Here to Continue ReadingHave You Experienced Voter Fraud?
Share Your StoryNewt would like to hear from you. Have you observed any evidence of voter fraud in the Nov. 3, 2020 election? Please tell us your story below. And be sure to upload any evidence you may have to help us highlight your story.Click Here to Share Your StoryJoin Newt’s Inner Circle
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