Patton, a Genius for War

George Patton the book goes from his grandparents to his parents how they met and fell in love. To him as a baby. The hard times he had in school, they do know what dyslexia was in those days. And he had to overcome that and pass mathematical courses and Latin to get in military college

He once said about his spelling, anyone can memorize a word, but I spell it in three different ways. All types of information about this great warrior in the movie didn’t show the many times he cried over boys being killed or cried when he was so proud of the third Army.

This man had a major accident almost every two or three years of his life I believe is a must-read I know I enjoyed it almost finished and leads me feeling I like I lost a friend
thanks cowboy Ron. PS remind your children to keep a book with them wherever they go 24 seven that comes from a man who is in his 30s before he learned to read a book cover to cover

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