Pres. Donald J Trump, at C pack, this Sunday will be great

Pres. Donald J Trump, at C pack, this Sunday will be great

Pres. Donald J Trump, at C pack, this Sunday will be great. He will probably have an audience worldwide over 100 million, and that’s what the level Democrats are afraid of. What are they afraid of you ask? Well for one thing he tells the truth, he’s brash, rude, but he is also bold. And 3035 years historians will knowledge, his legacy is promises made, promises.

My personal wishes are this, 95% of his speech should be talking about the future, give us a pass way to victory in the 22 midterm elections. I think it’s a given that the Democrats will lose both the house and the Senate . But the more the better, we need a mandate, to put a halt, once and for ever on liberal, Democrat madness.

I would like to see him devote, only 5% of his time on the past. If he still feels that the election was stolen or mismanaged it would be a treat if he would mention that’s the way still feels.
The other 95% of the speech should be devoted on how we can pick up new Republicans, of all races, all colors, and all sex.
There are many balls that we need to keep her eyes on, it’s easy to follow the Senate and Congressional races, but all Republicans, conservatives, libertarians need our help support and money.
And that goes for the senatorial race or person running for dogcatcher remember that dogcatcher may be your next United States Sen. or the governor your safe if he or she does a good job the voters pick it up and the skies the limit.

And that’s the way I see it, cowboy Ron, how do you see it?

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