Pres. Joe Biden wants to hit the deck running,

Pres. Joe Biden wants to hit the deck running, but in his enthusiasm, to outdo present Trump he’s making bold and unrealistic predictions and combining this virus.
He has ambitious schedule of 1 million people a day taking the vaccine. Like many things that the Democrats do is not well thought out will Rand muchvaccine set some almost go to wast
my prediction and he will ramp up production and eventually will have to throw much of it away. You say why is this cowboy Ron well for one thing Y once it, too non-Arab I can get off it and take it don’t forget many people do not take medicine. We’ve all seen cases where judges have to order parents to give her children medication.

Is that the story were a 21 people in Norway had a reaction and died. If he wants to outdo present Trump, then do is Trump did make life better for each and every American is not overambitious but is totally realistic.

And that’s way I see it cowboy Ron

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