President Trump did not call George Armstrong Custer a looser!

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President Trump did not call George Armstrong Custer a looser!,,but many in a close circle did, not in public. out of respect to Libby Custer. Libby lived a long life until 1930. At that time one did not disrespect a woman unless he had a death wish. Custer was brave and took chances but he was not a fool.

He did not take heavy guns like gantlet guns and howlers, Why because he did not know that he was fighting so many sue. It was determined that the number of his enemy by the Indian agency report on how many Indians were on the reservation. the agency got paid by the number of Indian he fed so he inflated the number dept of army substrate that number from the total and that got Custer along with his men wiped out. in the end his enemy was Washington mismanagement rocked Indian agency.

One might say Custer was our first victim of fake news

By cowboy Ron

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