President Trump is thinking big bucks! No bucks no demonstration!

President Trump says he is going to raise the fines on demonstrating that damage federal statue or government buildings. Perhaps that would be a good idea. However, the problem is that the executive office does not have that power, it’s for Congress to change the law. under our system of government, the president doesn’t write the laws was, but in charge of enforcing them.

However he does have options,as you know laws, in general, have a wide range in a sentence. So for a person that might pull a memorial over he or she could face many charges. The president though ag could ask for a very hight bond Eg five hundred thousand dollars which would cost the prisoner fifty thousand not refundable.

so now you can follow the money and find out who is bankrolling these people, In Washington dc forty percent of the city is owned by the federal government.

There over twenty-five critical parks that come ner the National park police. So President Trump has a wide range of option and he can make a very rich man or his orgiantion go broke

And that the way i see it cowboy ron

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