Sports radio host in Missouri taken off air after Kamala Harris comments

Sports radio host in Missouri taken off air after Kamala Harris comments

BY KAELAN DEESE – 09/01/20 06:09 PM EDT 1,4213,868

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A sports radio host in Missouri was taken off the air Monday following alleged offensive comments he made about Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

According to an announcement by staff at Springfield’s Jock radio stations, Nate Lucas, host of “The Nate Lucas Show,” will not appear on the air all week, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

The News-Leader reported that a recording of Lucas’s controversial statement was unavailable, but three people with knowledge of the situation said he used an offensive, sexist slur to describe Harris on his show Friday.

The sources also told the news outlet that Lucas was critical of Missouri State University’s football program after he learned the team planned to march through campus to raise awareness about racial injustice.

Tom Ladd, the station’s operations manager, informed listeners about Lucas’s absence, leaving out specific details on the matter but asking viewers to allow time for the station to investigate.

“While we’d like to say more about the situation right now, it would probably be better if we leave it at that for the time being,” Ladd said on the air Monday.

Also on Monday, Art Hains, the longtime host of another sports radio show, stepped down from the station, saying he did not want to be associated with the “regrettable” comments allegedly made by Lucas about Missouri State student-athletes and staffers.

Hains said he reviewed Lucas’s tape, adding that he would be gone until the incident involving Lucas was resolved.

Last year, Lucas also faced criticism after referring to a caller as a “likely pedophile” after the caller questioned the Lucas’s professionalism and ethics.

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