Stories to get lost in

Stories to get lost in
Amid shock of Chief Carmen Best’s departure, Black Seattleites weigh city’s moves on police defunding
Many are livid at the treatment of Chief Best. With her retirement, some African Americans, including clergy and small business owners, are asking how widely the city has sought input about police defunding. Another big question: As the city moves to meet protesters’ demands, does it have a plan? Read more.
 Back to ‘school’: Even the basics are complicated, so how can teachers and students get on track?
Some kids will get 12 hours of live instruction a week. Some will get 20. What everyone seems to agree on is they don’t want a repeat of spring. Read more.
 Seattle’s residential real estate industry is talking about race and wrestling with some history
Real estate, a business that has long avoided grappling with racism and its own historical role in keeping Seattle segregated by neighborhood, is now forced to reckon with its lack of diversity. Read more.
 Half a century after 4 murders rocked a community and a courtroom, ‘Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer’ explores the case of Gary Gene Grant
A new book by a former homicide detective takes an in-depth look at the 1971 trial of a serial killer who’s been mostly forgotten — except to those who were forever impacted. The killings shook a community, and their reverberations continue today. Read more.
 Women on the front lines: Nearly 2/3 of Seattle-area essential workers are female
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