The electric car, is the future, and it is here. But what about the present?

         The electric car, is the future, and it is here. But what about the present?

The electric car is the future, and it is here to stay. how about the present? No follow me for this a second, but suppose everyone who drives once the electric car, there are two things they will need one is electric, the ability to transfer electricity from a station to their brand-new shiny car. But the second is the most important they will need money to buy this car and an enthusiasm to develop a more efficient a claim form of energy I hope we do not eradicate the ability to buy that new car.

But there was ever a case, or person putting the cart in front of the horse, is present Biden canceling out the pipeline. We’ve already lost about 11,000 jobs may have a big bill and legal and broken contract obligations.
Well, what wouldI’ve done? I would let the market phaseout oil and keep economy humming. Economy is not gonna run on broken promises, broken dreams. I was given understand that pipelines can transport a variety of things gas oil and even water. Our northern states have 20 water, as southern states don’t, but will produce crops hey etc. when given water.

The owner of Amazon, has retired and speculation is he’s gonna build electric cars. He’s a great business person, he sees in the future, and I believe he has a great chance of being successful. I for one wish him all the success in the world.

I had a chance to interview a technician working on one of the electric filming pumps, he told me a car fully charged can go for 500 miles, and take about 40 minutes to recharge it. So that’s a slight problem as you know takes about five minutes to fill up the car, and we have to stand in line more often than not. This trivia, Americans are still the number one problem solvers around the world.

Like millions of other Americans I’m off the grid and my electric comes from solar panels on my roof. So cars can be recharge from the home when the technology is there. So in Congress gives the president money to rebuild our inner structure now’s a good time to start putting charging stations and systems in place. Solar is not too complicated for the person understand, the more son you have the less solar panels and batteries you need or combination of thereof.

My concerns are this was Congress angry politicians they won’t rectify it piece cars to be charged at home because they don’t want to lose road tax money but they want to work show the American people how it is cheaper cleaner and more fun to drive in the old gas guzzling.

In closing, I consider myself to the environment, I like solar, I like saving money, I like clean and clear water streams I like clean and beautiful blue skies.

It’s only about 24,000 miles round the world you look at the halfway round the world’s only 12,000 miles, so I failed to see how atomic bombs hydrogen bombs going off in the Middle East and Europe is going to make the environment better in America. To his credit, present Trump made America energy independence, and Lord of the whole all of a sudden our friends in the Middle East start cooperate with us in Israel.

Present Biden by snatching out energy independence much too soon is getting our enemies and you platform to stand on I would urge to urge the president to do due diligence and to thank you for he acts

and that’s way I see it cowboy Ron, how do you see it

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