The impeachment of present Donald J Trump,

The impeachment of present Donald J Trump, as we all know was a political stunt by Nancy Pelosi and level Democrats that are afraid of present Trump. He was not giving a fair hearing today, no lawyers, no eyewitnesses no video testimony showing him ordering, or suggesting that such outrageous actions by these demonstrators should take place.

Contrary to that, Ms. recording showing the president reminding people to obey the law.

75 million voters have long memories, and two short years they will take back the house. They were remember impeachment has been made a casual thing and will be easy to impeach than you president and vice president and remove them from office.

Vice president elect Joe Biden, will soon be the leader of the free world, and if he can’t control his own party how is he going to how countries like China Korea Russia they want to do is harm.

Now is time for the vice president elect, to step up, tell the house and the Senate to get this silly impeachment idea, he was let bygones be bygones, roll up his sleeves and get to work on behalf of the American people.

This will inform the American people, whether present Joe Biden, is running our country, or is it AOC her squad, her mob are the ones who are actually in charge.

The Swiss it cowboy Ron

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