The liberal Democrats can’t even run an election in a way

The liberal Democrats can’t even run an election in a way
the liberal Democrats can’t even run an election away that will satisfy both Democrats, Republicans, and libertarians, with confidence that the outcome is true, honest, and totally fair.
I know you said it’s easy to complain, and you asked why do differently?

The framework of our Constitution, is clear the states have the sole right to set up their own rules, as long as it based on Constitution and is free and fair for all. One way to get the states to conform is to issue guidelines from the federal government if they going except money from the US taxpayers to run their election system. I believe most states to get on board.
The time the reformed election system was yesterday or last week or even the day after the presidential election things start going wrong.
The first thing we need to do is it no votes can be postmarked before the last debate. Number two all mail-in ballots must be postmarked by the day of the election that would be presidential congressional.

All voters must have a picture ID I have a picture ID when I go to a casino to use my rewards points.
Number three vote counters and observers must be viewed at all times by EYE in the sky and that would include the servers. The Zionist guys can tell a casino operator what cards a person has or how much money they a good chance on.

Number four all ballots not counted bus at all times be under the surveillance of a camera that would including the delivery docs where the truck drivers bring them in.

Number five voting rules and procedures can never be changed within six months of the voting date.

That’s how I see it how do you see it cowboy Ron

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