“There is no border crisis, it’s only a challenge”?

There is no border crisis, it’s only a challenge?

To say that there is no border crisis is a blatant lie. The only challenge is to get the White House and its administration on board and do something about it.
We have small children in a dangerous environment that is being put a foot and aimed towards the United States.

That desert can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you doing. There are several types of dangerous snakes, vipers scorpions transfers, and the small children are supposed to navigate through this environment. There can be hundred in a one square mile!
I never would imagine that the White House Congress would put small children in danger hoping at the end results, would be destroyed in Pres. Donald J Trump’s legacy and the republican party.

Mainstream media needs to be looking into this harder, more factual and keep the American people informed. Finally, what can we do? get on the phone crank up the email and let Congress the Senate the administration and news organizations that were not happy campers.
and that’s the way I see it cowboy Ron

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