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ThinkingAbolish the Debate CommissionBy Newt GingrichThe time has come to recognize how arrogan

Can’t see the images? View As WebpageOct. 10, 2020News     Podcasts     Inner Circle    Gingrich 360 NewsletterWhat Newt’s ThinkingAbolish the Debate CommissionBy Newt GingrichThe time has come to recognize how arrogant, biased, and obsolete the Commission on Presidential Debates has become. It is an engine of insider Washington Establishment domination of the political process. Its moderators all represent the Washington Establishment – and the norm is hostility to Republican candidates.The commission has no right to independently control the debate process. Now, it is standing in the way of what the American people want and seeking to further its own insider agenda.Yesterday, the commission announced unilaterally it was killing the debate format, and instead imposing a virtual debate. This decision was made with no consultation with the Trump campaign, let alone approval for such a dramatic election-influencing shift.This is what we can expect from the arrogance of a collection of establishment figures averaging 73 years of age.Whether the timing of the commission’s virtual debate announcement was deliberately set to cut off focus on the vice-presidential debate, where reviews strongly favored Vice President Mike Pence and weakened Sen. Kamala Harris, is not knowable. But the timing certainly served the interest of the Biden-Harris ticket, cutting into Republican excitement about Pence’s superb performance.Click Here to Continue ReadingFree Gift for New MembersNewt’s Latest PodcastsElection 2020 – The 

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