Three Democrat have a bad weel

WITH JIM GERAGHTYDecember 10 2020Three Democrats Have a Very Bad WeekOn the menu today: Dianne Feinstein, Hunter Biden, and Eric Swalwell are all having a terrible week.The Bad Week for Dianne FeinsteinFor quite a while now, if you paid consistent attention to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.), you would notice that she would make a statement, and then the next day insist she had never made that statement. Back in 2018, during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I laid out cases where the octogenarian Feinstein had publicly doubted the credibility of Christine Blasey Ford and then later that day issued a statement that she found her credible, changed her explanation of why she hadn’t released a Judiciary Committee transcript, claimed to have been pressured on the decision and then insisted she had never said she was pressured, gave two contrary and opposing answers about a government shutdown, and then said she couldn’t remember why she had hesitated to share Ford’s letter. I noted a Republican senator once told me that …   READ MORE
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