Trump is not out yet!

President Trump is not out yet, He is going through the legal route, and he should. Why you asked because he has seventy million votes in the bag, with most of them feeling they were cheated. We do not know this yet. Still, there is some strange happing. For one When we go to bed at night or the vote counter stop, we only wake up to find out that many of the votes vanish or, dem find vote in a truck that got missed.

In one state it was discovered the computer, was Turing rep vote to dem votes. The mg much to her credit took the step further and found out this Sofware was being used in forty other countries. And she took it even further, found out it was being used in other states, You can’t make this up

I believe Trump team need to see who made this Sofware, and was any or all of this was made by china or any of America enemy! Also, let find out who had access to the solfwear, eg the Biden team, DNC. would be a great place to start.

If there is cheating going in more than one state and maby going many states then all the team will haft to do is follow the money.

At the end of the day, if we find out it was and hones election and Joe Biden on Jan. 20 is sworn in, then I want President Trump to attend the swearing-in. Let not act lie Lib dem. I also want Congress to extend To Joe Biden a ninety-day honeymoon. that was not extended to trump, instead, he got a four-year divorce from the left and other loony.

And that the way I see ir Cowboy Ron


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