Trump To Sign Memorandum Excluding Illegal Immigrants From Congressional Representation

Trump To Sign Memorandum Excluding Illegal Immigrants From Congressional Representation

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President Trump plans to sign a memorandum on Tuesday excluding undocumented immigrants from the census, the latest in a series of efforts to decrease Democratic representation in Congress and the electoral college, but one which experts say is in direct violation of constitutional principles.

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“Today, President Trump will sign an Apportionment Memorandum on Ensuring American Citizens Receive Proper Representation in Congress,” a senior White House official told Forbes. “This action will clarify that illegal aliens are not to be included for the purpose of apportionment of Representatives following the 2020 Census.”

The official asserted that “excluding illegal aliens for the purpose of apportionment reflects a better understanding of our Constitution and democratic principles.”

An administration official also told Reuters the document will be “another decisive step toward fulfilling [Trump’s] solemn pledge to ensure only American citizens have congressional representation, not illegal aliens”

The Trump administration has sought for years to limit the representation of illegal immigrants in the census and congressional redistricting, but the effort has been repeatedly quashed by the courts.

The Supreme Court blocked an effort to include a question on citizenship in the census in June 2019, ruling it a violation of the constitution’s enumeration clause, which mandates Congressional representation, but sent it back to a district court for further deliberation.

The administration ended its effort to pursue the citizenship question through the courts last July, but Trump vowed to find work-arounds.


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