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Who won the debate?

Who won the debate? The Moderator was a winner, but with the contested, PRESIDENT Trump won, on the other hand, Joe did well.

I have not listened to the expert talk about the debate, i wanted to be my own man.

Trump was business-like, and that was by design. If Trump had been like this on debate one, then joe would never do another debate.

This debate is the one closes to Nov.3. This will be what people will have on their mind when they walked into their booth.

The only downside to Trump Plan is forty million voters have already voted. Still, we have a vast number of trump supporters that will not tell anyone how they will vote. That number will go down in voter history as the larger number ever.

When it come to the vote, on nov 3 when it come to Joe the voter will get buyer remorse before they buy.

And that the way i see it Cowboy Ron

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